Monday, July 25, 2011

Tutorial Time V.1

For those eager to get started on some simple book forms, there are a number of handy recipes available on INSTRUCTABLES (one of my favorite making things sites). Here are a few I found, but there's lots more!

MAKE YOUR OWN BOOK PRESS: Presses are useful, if not essential for keeping the book / pages flat while the glue dries. PVA can cause pages and even board to warp. Unfortunately, presses are pretty expensive and while flat weights (such as other books!) can work, budding professionals might want to try this industrial DIY alternative made from wood and brass.

SOFT COVER PAMPHLET: A bit different than how I would do it (I would probably just use a wrap-around cover) but effective and simple.

ENVELOPE BOOK: For a crafty project, this is quite complicated and uses a lot of formal techniques. The sewing could be simplified, definitely and you might want to include some pages or other content instead of envelopes.

HARDBOUND BOOK: Try sewing the signatures instead of stapling them for a more authentic and sturdier product. That said, the formula for creating the cover is pretty much spot on.

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